Business Coaching / Bespoke Training

Training courses should be created with the individual and/or the organization in mind. While some issues perplex many companies, there are times when the situation calls for a more customized approach.

This is where bespoke training comes in. Perhaps you suspect that you need a leadership training program for your middle management but that your C-suite seems to be resting on their laurels. It could be that you can’t understand why you have such high turnover at the management level and as CEO you feel your confidence is shaken. From the complexities around leading global expansion to individual modules that help spark creativity and boost productivity, there are a variety of training solutions which may correct your course and bring your company to the profitable future you envision. Bespoke training can help you get there.

How it works
After a quick phone or in-person discussion, I’ll conduct a workforce analysis that identifies the training solutions to your problems, complete with alignment to corporate goals, timing, and delivery schedule. Modules could be anything from executive training and development to business training for your management team and/or staff training to boost lackluster morale and productivity. The consulting project will include regular assessment sessions along with performance reporting that aligns results with corporate and individual goals. Training services will be provided through performance improvement, averting risk and ensuring victory.