Business Coaching / Executive Coaching

When it comes to the higher echelons of leadership, many assume they need no further training or coaching when it comes to marshaling their people into action. The assumption comes from a track record of success, after which one may stand at the top thinking they’ve got quite the handle on things.

But even the best top executives know that it’s not what you know that defines you; it’s what you do with what you don’t know. With that in mind, the top leaders in the industry understand that continual training and mentorship helps give them a competitive edge. This is where executive training becomes a necessity.

Executive coaching is the pinnacle of business consulting because it’s corporate performance concentrated for the high-level professional. While other mentorship programs might focus on primarily softer skills like confidence and communication, my approach is based on desired results for overall career direction: international communication and expansion, large-scale team management, board of director navigation, and overcoming deep-seated fears that could derail your success. Whether it’s individual coaching or 12-month engagements with the C-suite, I can help you improve your performance and take your career even further than you can imagine.

How it works
Leadership coaching for today’s business executive is exciting business, as once the ground is laid, the possibilities are endless. We will meet and talk about your career history, your successes and your learning opportunities. After discussing your future goals, I’ll develop a
coaching program that regularly challenges your strengths as well as pushes any perceived weaknesses. Along your coaching program, we’ll regularly check-in with performance metrics and discussed both qualitative and quantitative results so you can track your progress. In my capable hands, executive coaching and mentoring becomes a powerful tool to help even those at the top reach ever higher to unstoppable heights of personal and professional performance.

Individual programs are available, or larger team modules can be created where I work with a C-suite on their overall goals, and then work confidentially with each individual to fine tune performance. It’s business consulting at its best, designed for the individuals who sit in command.