Capacity Management / International Expansion

We work in a world without walls, and the barriers to worldwide expansion are all but extinct. With so many companies opening their borders to international businesses and technology allowing for teams to exist across time zones and oceans of distance, the world is truly your oyster. The key is finding that pearl of a strategy that will help you navigate the complexities of legal, compliance, government ordinance, and the sheer logistics of having the right individuals to execute and grow across international lines.

This is where my skills and ability excel beyond the title of business consultant. With years of experience growing large-scale corporations across international borders, I have hands-on understanding of what it takes to expand corporations into established and emerging markets. I have created the staffing strategies to manage ex-patriots sent to develop the initial market entry, and I have built the staffing plans that ensured expanding markets stayed profitable. I have extensive knowledge of international employment law, compliance, and what it takes to negotiate the migration of a corporate entity into new lands.

International expansion is more than just the idea of growing a business: it’s the tactical realization of a global footprint, one that should be tread carefully but confidently.

How it works
After discussion of your international expansion idea, I will provide an in-depth SWOT analysis of your opportunity along with a resource plan of how to accomplish the move. Partnering with your legal and compliance teams, I can help you navigate sensitive international HR laws and ensure an effective business strategy that secures your foothold in your new marketplace. Risk analyses will uncover any previously unseen barriers to entry, and we’ll work together to ensure the realization of your dream as an international power player.