Capacity Management / Staffing Strategy

The ability to build capacity starts with the individuals dedicated to building your business. Are the right people with the correct skills in the positions that will bring you both success? Do you have the assets in hand to build the future? If not, do you know how to get them? This is where staffing strategy becomes crucial to corporate capacity and, inevitably, its survival.

Human resource planning is vital to the success of any business, whether the number of employees is 5 or 500,000. The most profitable enterprises do this flawlessly, constantly ensuring their people have the abilities to perform the duties needed to move the company forward, now and in the future. They invest in their people, spending budget to develop their business acumen and essential skills to reap long-term rewards. They also keep an eye toward the external, honing their employer brand to attract the best and brightest in order to maintain a supply of next-level skills that ensure the longevity of their corporation. As a former Chief Human Resources Officer with decades of experience leading global organizations through market expansions and through years of market fluctuation, I can help you see your business grow to the next level.

How it works
Staffing strategies go beyond baseline human resource management: they require a long-range plan for your business and a deep dive into what it will take to arrive at that desired level of performance. After an assessment of current staff against future goals, it will be time to look to development and acquisition: who can be developed and progressed, who will expire in current roles, and what recruiting strategies should be deployed to attract the individuals with the skills that can move you forward? I’ll work with current staff to ensure the right development programs are available, and will ensure your staffing strategy is aligned with the right sources for a rich, full pipeline of the talent you desire.