Capacity Management / Workforce Agility

The issue of workforce agility is both internal and external. In order to be prepared for the changing needs and demands of the market, you must simultaneously place a focus on the internal talent that drives your business forward daily along with constantly securing pipelines of external talent that can meet future needs. The skills you have today can take you through today and into the near future, but looking beyond the now can help identify pipelines of skills that can provide longevity and fulfill future needs.

Workforce management is a balance of the constant need for organizational development and staffing planning. Both are crucial, and require a savvy, seasoned professional who can deliver both. With decades of experience building and developing powerhouse teams for the Fortune 200 and beyond, it is my belief that an agile workforce is the greatest asset to growing and managing a successful company.

How it works
After discussing your current and future business goals, I will assess your current skills against existing market demands as well as those of your desired future state. A staff audit will be performed along with other proprietary tools to assess your bank of skills against current and future goals. A plan will be created to help develop the existing talent under management along with a supply of individuals who can fill the needs of the not-so-distant future. Together, we strengthen and fortify your business for today, and build a bridge for a profitable tomorrow.