Human Resource Design / HR Performance Assessment and Strategy

Maybe you perceive that your HR department isn’t performing as well as you’d like, but how do you know exactly what’s not working? Disgruntled managers and a perception that they “don’t understand the business” is one thing, but without figuring out what the problem may be, you can create a rift in communication that only furthers the distance between your team and a solution.

The best way to understand what may not be working within any division is a robust performance assessment. By understanding what needs aren’t being met and then diving deeply into the individual workings of the department’s structure, assets, and people, you can discern how to effectively craft a vision for improvement and a strategy to reach your desired future state.

How it works
It all starts with expectations: yours and that of your current HR team. Once received, a thorough analysis will be performed along with interviews, performance evaluations, business goals, and talent assessments. An HR strategy will be delivered through which your ideal department may be created. Education, training, staffing strategy, and leadership development are part of the design and implementation of your new HR department, and through constant fine tuning and mentorship, your department of business-savvy consultants and technical experts will be achieved.