Leadership Consulting / Performance Analytics

Productivity is crucial to the success of any business, and if yours is lacking, rest assured you’ll know. The financial drain of salary expense that isn’t met with results can quickly end any institution, and it’s an issue you can’t afford to suffer too long.

Performance indicators can solve the issue of lost productivity, a way to determine the best way to stop performance problems such as uneven quality of work, excessive time wasting and low production. Job analysis, task analysis, performance measurement – this process goes by many names, but the result is the same: you’ll gather the business intelligence as to why you’re not getting the productivity you so greatly desire, and emerge with a plan to fix the situation.

How it works
After determining where the lack of productivity originates, I will create a battery of assessments both qualitative and quantitative that will correctly identify the source of your lost production. Once the source of the issue has been identified, I will provide an action plan that will correct the problem and create a more efficient, effective work environment along with a set of predictive analytics that can act as early warning indicators to prevent the situation from returning.