Organizational Strategy / Corporate Planning

Where your business plan defines the what and why of your company, corporate planning takes it one step further to describe how the work will be accomplished. This is where the strategies are created as to how your employees will accomplish your company goals, and it focuses squarely on workforce procedures and staff responsibilities. It requires a close focus on the mission and goals set forth in the business plan along with a keen eye for detail as to the individual roles and responsibilities that must exist to see those goals become reality.

Corporate planning sets forth the agenda of how employees operate, tackle challenges, and achieve accomplishments. It breaks the overall company goals down into individual responsibilities. This is the basis for your organizational design, and a crucial step to creating an organization with the capacity to see the business well into the future.

How it works
As someone with decades of experience building organizations both large and small, I will work with you to break your larger corporate goals into an actionable structure for employees, then will work with you to create the individual roles and responsibilities that will allow your corporate goals to come to life. Throughout the process, we will review the structure, fine tuning where necessary until a strong corporate plan has been established.