Organizational Strategy / Organizational Design

After the creation of both your business and corporate plans, the final step is the creation of your organizational structure. This is where the names and titles are placed in boxes, where the vision for your company takes shape down to the very person who will see it through to fruition. The importance of taking the time and care to create this structure properly cannot be understated: too many boxes can dilute the workflow and cause delays in productivity; too few creates unnecessary strain and could postpone growth.

It’s not just for start-ups, by the way. Just because you have an established structure doesn’t mean it’s the most effective option. A review of your current structure could reveal weak spots in your productivity chain that could be tweaked to increase your productivity and profitability. Large or small, a consistent review of your organization’s design helps with annual strategic planning and can be the difference between a high-performance organization and one that’s struggles with how to achieve their goals.

How it works
Through tried-and-tested change management and organizational design techniques, we will review your business and corporate plans before diving deeply into how your organizational structure will accomplish your goals. Through a process of asset review, performance evaluation, and change management, your company will take shape, and you’ll emerge prepared to place the right talent in roles where they may excel.