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Whistleblowers must be heard, not silenced HR Zone The shocking allegations of sexual harassment at Uber and Tesla are a stark reminder that not all businesses put the welfare of their staff first. Paying lip service to these cultural fissures is not enough; companies of all sizes must take proactive steps to prioritise open and inclusive environments in which whistleblowers are commended, rather than chastised. Green Connections Radio: “Career Currency” Green Connections Radio Putting your career into higher gear takes deliberate steps, and times of change present opportunities - like what we face now in the energy and sustainability space, especially with the new U.S. lead Traditional employee engagement strategies will soon lead nowhere Employee Benefits Organisations across the globe who pay lip service to employment strategies speak of keeping employees engaged. Although maintaining staff motivation is essential in keeping any business competitive, a report by Steelcase, Engagement and the global workplace, published in May 2016, reveals that only one in three employees feel engaged with their work. Does this mean that employee engagement strategies are failing? Why you should invest in workplace culture European CEO With high-profile scandals becoming more common in the corporate world, instilling a positive workplace culture is essential for companies and investors alike The Secret to Small Business Growth? Invest in Your Employees Rework Small businesses are some of the most vital players in the business community, but the rate of failure is staggering. According to Forbes, eight out of 10 small businesses fail within the first 18 months of operation. Tainted by scandal: how to approach crisis-hit investments Wealth Manager Set-back, scandal or crisis, whatever you want to call it when something goes wrong with a company, investors are forced to make a decision: do they pull out or wait for recovery? How can employers support staff in uncertain times? Employee Benefits Employers must ensure staff feel valued; make sure managers and HR staff walk the floor and their doors are always open to discuss any individual concerns. The Customer Tells Us Who to Hire: Thoughts on The War for Talent in 2017 The Future Shapers As someone who has spent more than a couple of decades in Human Resources, I can say that most of us have a favorite practice within our ranks. Some lean toward organizational design, some love compensation strategy, but my heart will always belong to Talent Acquisition. Recruiting is one of the hardest, most rewarding services offered by our practice, and I’ll always have a soft spot for it. France Presidential Race: Fillon Wins Conservative Candidacy BBC World Service A number corporate scandals having recently surfaced in South Korea, Rita Trehan, strategic workplace advisor to some of the biggest companies in the world, says they're the result of corporate culture. Executive pay: why is it so high? The Telegraph Companies that address accusations of corporate greed swiftly are the most likely to protect their reputations – and transparency is key. CEOs can no longer ignore the importance of a healthy corporate culture in 2017 HR Zone Back in the good old days it was possible for a big company to defend its market position by splurging on advertising. Whenever new competition came along, the CEO and the Board would sign a large cheque to a top-flight ad firm, and they would cover the town, TV, and radio with adverts for their products. The small guy didn't have a chance. Its time for diversity training to eveolve Rework I was perusing Fast Company recently when an article caught my eye. The piece challenged the effectiveness of diversity policies and training in many companies. As a matter of fact, it went so far as to say that many of them are backfiring. Big Data: The Innovative Solution for a Bigger, Brighter HR Future The Future Shapers The days are winding down on 2016, and with it passes another year for the human resources practice. This has certainly been a rocky year for the world at large, and nowhere was it felt more ardently in the corporate business world than HR. Our boundaries were tested, our core practices pushed and pulled, and diversity became the foremost conversation across the world due to tidal waves of political upheaval. We were most certainly tested. HR's Future is Big Data Employee Benefits The most important thing about Brexit is that absolutely nothing will change for at least another two years after we trigger Article 50, but it is more likely to be five years or considerably longer. Eight HR trends for 2017 HR Magazine Workplace flexibility, the rise of nationalism and the explosion of the gig economy are all key trends in 2017. HR, Corporate Culture and the Battle of Political Correctness Hppy The world is becoming a more global environment. Workplaces exist without walls, individuals roam through borders, and true progress is seeing a world of humanity more than individual nations. HR’s Future is Big Data Hppy One of the things I’m most passionate about as a long-time HR professional is the progression of our practice. We suffer from quite a bit of bad press and misperception as an overall group, that we’re the people in the company who couldn’t cut it in other lines of business and that we’re dragging our companies behind. The New Role of the CHRO Hppy As a former CHRO (Chief Human Resources Officer), I’m familiar with the role. Leader of the HR team, confidant of the CEO, the person in charge of the individuals who drive the larger corporate machine. We mitigate legal risk, optimize performance, handle personal and career growth, and essentially make sure the company can do what it wants to do. GTR Women in Trade Finance: the pay gap and significance of 2069 Global Trade Review The gender pay gap, gender disparities within the ranks and employee defections are some of the most pressing challenges that need to be addressed by the finance industry today. The key to the HR Revolution: Capacity HRZone It is time for an HR revolution. For far too long we have been dismantled and outsourced, denied the respect we so rightly deserve, and suffered an incredible backlash when we try to solve the issues of our constituents. Newly Released Leadership Books You Shouldn’t Miss Hppy As an entrepreneur you were most probably received a lot of specialized book recommendations that mentioned the classics, the bibles of entrepreneurship, business and marketing. Let’s not insist on those because they are easy to find and it’s possible that they are already in your bookshelf. Why we still ponder who moved our cheese HR Magazine Who Moved My Cheese? still sheds light on one of the greatest issues HR faces: inability to manage change The End of Busy Work Hppy Busy. Everyone is busy. We’re all so busy. Walk around the floor at your company, and that word is bandied about with fervor. People speak in awe and respect about how “busy” someone is. It’s a mark of distinction. Is Brainstorming Dead? Hppy I've recently read an article on the inefficiency of brainstorming. But it’s not that brainstorming is a bad idea, it’s just that there’s a better one Poor planning is a bigger risk than Brexit Strategic Risk The biggest post-Brexit risk is failing to plan for the future, says Rita Trehan, former CHRO at Honeywell and AES Corporation How Good Leadership Can Reverse Turnover Hppy Here's what my years of experience coaching companies on how to grow a thriving leadership team that can reduce turnover have taught me. Is the UK too reliant on EU workers? Ethical Performance The UK economy depends on EU workers. Talented, highly educated, mainly young people from across the EU have flocked to London. They work in finance, professional services and the tech sector. The benefits of treating HR systems as products HR Magazine HR doesn't subject its systems to as much scrutiny as it does more visible products. Perhaps it should. Career Counsel: how to keep staff The Financial Times Brexit means it is open poaching season and UK workers are easy targets The List: How to boost innovation in the workplace British Airways Business Life Rita Trehan has ten tips for making the most of every day What Brexit means for HR HR Magazine The UK has chosen to leave the EU, so what now for business and HR? Looking the wrong way HRville Rita Trehan, the transformation and capacity-building expert, suspects there’s never been a better time for HR to shape the future of business. How the War for Top Performers Can Be Won by Redefining Success: Capacity and the Definition of Talent Women of HR Talent. The War for Talent. Those two terms are the headlines that strike fear into the hearts of companies and create top-line action items for HR groups across the globe. The major fear for us all is what skills will be needed to ensure corporate longevity and success, and how will you get to them before anyone else does? Prepared for Brexit? Governance & Compliance Magazine The debating and renegotiating, mudslinging and grandstanding is over. There will be an EU referendum after all and it’s only a few months away. On 23rd of June, the British people will decide to stick with the European Union or ditch it for good. Brexit: opportunities and threats for the outsourcing industry Outsource Magazine Over the last month, British businesses have been bombarded with other people’s opinions. In the outsourcing industry, this is quite normal: everyone and their dog has a strong opinion on how outsourcing companies should and shouldn’t operate. But this time, we’re being told that our businesses are on the line because of a vote. Innovation and The Workday Supply Chain Digital There are multiple challenges to create a cohesive workforce of individuals with the right mix of talents in an environment that fosters success. That success is the cornerstone of corporate capacity, the agility to withstand and thrive in all market conditions. With that said, there are new and interesting ways to construct a workday. The power of HR in startup businesses Changeboard With small businesses opening in increasing numbers, why is HR crucial and when is a good time to incorporate it? CEOs in transition: How to make a leadership change work Changeboard Companies go through many changes but few have the weight and impact of the arrival of a new CEO. For the business it’s a turning point, and which direction they chose often depends on the skill of the CEO to manage the transition themselves. Without the right finance people your business will fail Euromoney Lending Solutions All companies rely on accurate, timely and robust financial information. You can't run a car without an engine and you can't run a business without an effective finance function. Think outside the box with a cross-sector partnership The Telegraph Partnering with an organisation outside your sector can deliver the fresh new thinking you need. Here are two examples of successful cross-sector business partnerships – and one that didn’t go quite to plan. No, your boss can't just read your WhatsApp and private emails when they like International Business Times In a ruling made on 13 January, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg, appeared to give all businesses carte blanche to read employees' personal emails made during working hours. Challenges For HR Directors In 2016 Forbes What challenges does 2016 present for HR directors of FTSE100 firms? Opportunities for everyone – thoughts on the International Day of Persons with Disabilities HR Review Does more empathy have to be injected into our hiring practices to ensure more people with disabilities are working full time? The importance of HR Changeboard It’s an exciting time for HR in the Middle East, says Rita Trehan. She explains why the region offers a canvas for HR to demonstrate its credentials, and how HR professionals can implement its practices. How Equal Wages Will Win the War for Talent Women of HR It feels as if we’ve been talking about closing the wage gap between the sexes for eons now. Women continue to battle for equal pay for equivalent position and performance, and are still met with lots of nodding heads but little seeming to be done It’s an exciting time for HR in the Middle East Changeboard Those who work in the Middle East today are aware of three main employment market issues: nationalisation, an ageing workforce in the oil and gas sectors and an under-qualified junior talent pool. From College to the Real World The Washington Post If you’ve just graduated with your degree, no doubt you’re excited to start your career. Classes are finished, exams are over, and you’ve landed your first job. Congratulations! It’s all smooth sailing from now on in…or is it? Hiring Millennials: Surfing the Next Wave of Talent The Washington Post My recent post on Jobs Online for the Washington Post looks at whether millennials are vastly different from those in the Gen X and Baby Boomer age groups in terms of work expectations? Is what drives them significantly different to what has motivated generations before them? More importantly, why is there so much attention on this generation than any other than has gone before it. Read on to learn more. The importance of a Strong Leadership Brand Corporate Vision In this feature article in Corporate Vision, you can learn more about why branding is no longer the preserve of marketing. Knowing what your leadership brand can be the key to fueling growth and empowering the workforce. Learn more about what a Leadership Brand is and more importantly how to build up in this feature article. Dealing with a Layoff The Washington Post Read the latest Jobs online Washington Post article on how to deal with the news of a layoff. Layoffs are not uncommon, most recently Microsoft announced it was planning to cut 7,800 positions in their phone business. Headlines such as these have always stricken fear in the hearts of anyone who reads them. After all, who is safe anymore? Whether you have an inkling that a layoff is in the works, or the news comes as a bolt from the blue, it hurts to be told you are surplus to requirements. How to Write a Resume with Little or No Experience The Washington Post Now is the time of the year when graduates are celebrating the end of their studies and eagerly looking to putting their hard-earned knowledge to work. Finding job opportunities is infinitely easier today than in the past: with a myriad of job boards and online recruiting sites available 24/7, opportunities abound. The importance of Recruiting Your Employees The Washington Post Disengagement is at all time high. How can companies turn the tide and increase employee engagement Should HR be Visible or Invisible Human Capital Institute HR's value is often criticized for not adding value. Ideas on how to show how you can create value How Disruptive Technology Affects Corporate Vision TeamFit Disruptive Technology is not just impact parts of a business, it is fundamentally changing every aspect, including corporate vision. Companies that grasp both the challenge and opportunities are likely to outpace and outperform that fail to understand how the convergence of these forces is shaping the new world of business The end of HR as we know it CIPD The HR function has never been in a better position to affect change. To do so, however requires viewing HR through a new lens - that of capacity Is it Time for HR to adopt a New Year’s Resolution? TeamFit HR needs to drop its age-old premise – attract, retain, develop, reward, and recognize – and start challenging business. The HR leaders who think and act like business owners will move their companies and the profession forward. A Slice of Apple TeamFit Much has been written about Apple innovation, from design to marketing to leadership to culture. What business leaders should examine and emulate, though, is the service ethic that really distinguishes the company.