Rita Trehan becomes vice chair of Women in Technology Leadership Special Interest Group

July 1, 2015

Rita Trehan, business transformation specialist and Chief Capacity Officer at Rita Trehan LLC, is the new vice chair of the Cioindex Inc. Women in Technology Leadership Special Interest Group (SIG).

The Women in Technology Group SIG provides education, thought leadership and knowledge sharing among women working in senior positions in technology businesses. It organises events that support the personal and professional development of attendees by focusing on the unique challenges they face.

Members of the group benefit by sharing best practice articles and presentations, listening to experts and identifying new tools and technologies. Through collaboration, they create best practice guidelines for women IT leaders.

Members of both genders are welcome to join the Women in Technology Leadership SIG as this helps the group get the widest possible views and perspectives.

As a global HR leader at Honeywell and The AES Corporation, Rita helped rethink how business was done. From profitable ways to launch business units around the world to inspired means of measuring performance, she consistently improved strategic operations, saving time and money in the process.

Rita has led change management initiatives in more than 30 countries across five continents. She has enacted communication and engagement strategies, safety, and performance improvement initiatives in 27 countries, delivering savings of more than $100 million.

Find out more about the Cioindex Women in Technology Leadership SIG.

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